Key resources

Here you will find a compilation of background briefing sheets, videos and useful websites to understand the process of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the role of local and subnational governments over the years. 

ICLEI Guide to Paris Agreement Package

The Paris Climate Package: A Basic Guide for Local and Subnational Governments

This guide, developed by ICLEI in its capacity as focal point of the Local Government and Municipal Authorities (LGMA) Constituency, was created for local and subnational governments. This publication is freely available for download here. It responds to four important questions posed in the Paris Climate Package (including the Paris Agreement):

(1) The road towards COP21: What processes led to the recognition and engagement of local and subnational governments in the Paris Climate Package?

(2) Local and subnational governments at COP21 in Paris: How did local leaders engage in Paris?

(3) Key outcomes of the 2015 Paris Climate Package: What does the Paris Climate Package mean for local and subnational governments

(4) Accompanying the implementation of the Paris Climate Package through integrated local transformation: What steps should local and subnational governments take to support implementation of the Paris Climate Package?

ICLEI Briefing Sheets "Climate Series" (2015)

ICLEI Briefing Sheets are a service of the ICLEI World Secretariat to provide background information on current themes and debates regarding local and urban sustainability. For more information on the Climate Series Briefing Sheets or to consult the Sustainable Development Goals Series, click here

01 - A brief history of Local Government climate advocacy
02 - Vertical Integration
03 - Friends of Cities
04 - Forging Measurable, Reportable and Verifiable actions to tackle climate change
05 - Reporting Platforms
06 - The Transformative Actions Program (TAP)
07 - Cities and Regions are ready for COP21! #WeAreReady

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