GreenClimateCities Program A pathway to urban low-carbon development


What is GreenClimateCities?

A comprehensive climate change mitigation program (reducing greenhouse gas emissions) for Local Governments that offers:

  • a process tailor-made to Local Government requirements
  • a clear and flexible methodology covering 3 phases: Analyze, Act and Accelerate - outlining how low emissions options can be identified and integrated into urban development policies, plans and processes
  • a wide range of tools and guidance to support Local Governments to deliver effective Local Climate Action step-by-step
  • a network focusing on urban infrastructure, policy, people and investments
  • multi-disciplinary expertise, capacity building and peer exchange opportunities
  • an improved approach to integrated local climate action, exploring the connection to climate change adaptation

Why GCC?

  • Climate change is a reality. Local leadership is needed to respond to this global challenge
  • Effective local climate action requires the involvement of people across all sectors
  • The tailor-made program allows Local Governments to engage at their own pace
  • GCC helps to prepare local communities to address the challenges and opportunities of urban growth, exploring their green economy and green infrastructure - using a low-carbon development trajectory
  • From low carbon to carbon neutrality - GCC supports cities and towns to scale up their efforts, conform to global standards, report to global platforms, and continuously improve their performance towards low-carbon, sustainable development

Benefits of GCC

GreenClimateCities program offers Local Governments:

  • a process and tested methodology tools, guidance and technical support
  • multi-disciplinary expertise built on more than 20 years of experience
  • a global network of cities committed to Low Emissions Development
  • platforms to improve local-national dialogue and cooperation to effectively plan, implement, monitor and evaluate local climate action

Who uses GCC ?

  • Any Local Government can join the program
  • Political decision-makers and technical staff – people who lead the climate change mitigation process in their cities and communities

GCC Methodology

Main Tools and Resources

  • Global Protocols for development of GHG inventories at community level, and for Local Government activities (GPC and IEAP)
  • Process towards MRV – Measurable, Reportable and Verifiable mitigation actions
  • Stakeholders and consultation tool
  • Emissions' futures scenario tool
  • Low emissions development options prioritization tools
  • Guidance on selecting financing models
  • HEAT+, ICLEI’s greenhouse gas quantification software with GHG inventory and action planning functions
  • Solutions Gateway 
  • Pool of Experts
  • carbonn Climate Registry, the global reporting platform for local climate actions, commitments and GHG inventories

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