“Raising Global Level of Ambition Through Local Climate Action”
  • "No citizen of the global village is free from the damage caused by climate change. For the harmony between human settlements and nature, for the symbiosis of all groups of citizens, and for the happiness of both current and future generations, cities should think and act together."
    Park Won Soon, Mayor, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Republic Of Korea; Chair, World Mayors Council on Climate Change   

  • „ The Mexico City Pact sends a key signal to the negotiations that it can indeed be done, and that millions, if not billions, of people around the world are ready to begin implementing climate change action. Many other cities and local and regional administrations can be inspired to take action and to report to carbonn Cities Climate Registry“  
    Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary, UN Climate Change Secretariat

  • “Local government is where the rubber hits the road when it comes to responding to the human impacts of climate change. We fully support funding for cities, towns and municipalities for their registered adaptation actions.”
    Margareta Wahlström, The Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for Disaster Risk Reduction, welcoming the Durban Adaptation Charter


About the Local Government Climate Roadmap

Recognize. Engage. Empower.

The Local Government Climate Roadmap, a broad coalition of local government networks in response to the Bali Action Plan, aims to ensure that a strong and ambitious global climate regime is designed and implemented in the post-2012 period. Under this regime, local and subnational governments are fully recognized, engaged and empowered. .

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Global Mayors Compact Shows Unity and Ambition to Tackle Climate Change

New York, 23 September 2014,

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and UN Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change Michael R. Bloomberg today announced the launch of a global Compact of Mayors, the world’s largest effort for cities to fight climate change. The Compact will enable cities to publically commit to deep GHG emissions reductions; make existing targets and plans public; and report on their progress annually, using a newly-standardized measurement system that is compatible with international practices. Through this effort, cities will be choosing to meet the same requirements proposed for the international climate negotiations that will lead to a global climate treaty in 2015.

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Read the Compact of Mayors Here

Existing City Commitments Alone Could Reduce Emissions by a Total of 13 GtCO2e by 2050

New research by the parties to the Compact of Mayors, along with research partner Arup, indicates that existing city commitments alone could reduce annual emissions by 454 Megatons CO2e in 2020 -- a total of 13 Gigatons CO2e by 2050.

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ICLEI at the Climate Summit 2014

For over two decades, ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability has been advocating for cities and local governments to be appropriately recognized, engaged and empowered to tackle climate change. The Local Government Climate Roadmap maps out this journey which begun in 2007 in Bali. The Summit marks an important step in this journey.

ICLEI will feed its rich experience, expertise and vision to the success of the Summit. It is one of the core partners of one of the biggest announcements at the Summit – the Compact of Mayors. Born out of an unprecedented international collaboration between cities networks and supporters, the Compact is the largest effort for cities to slash its greenhouse gas emissions, report their progress, and prepare for the impacts of climate change.


Check out ICLEI´s 24 year interactive timeline on the Summit blog by clicking on the picture below:

Climate Agenda Peaks in New York

As world leaders gather for the Climate Summit 2014 in New York, the culmination of undertakings in climate action will be showcased. Amongst the summit’s eight key action areas are cities — a clear indication of the crucial role they have in combating climate change. As political will is mobilized, recognition for the endeavors of local government action in addressing climate change will be given the stage.

Cities and sub-national action is now presented as one of the most important deliveries among the many action areas, particularly the Compact of Mayors, which is a collaborative effort by global cities networks ICLEI, C40 and UCLG as Core Partners, together with endorsers. This is one of several climate actions from ICLEI that will be endorsed in statements at the Summit. The carbonn Climate Registry, the global reporting platform for local and sub-national climate action will subsequently gain support with the mobilization of new financial resources gained at the Summit.

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Our partners of the Local Government Climate Roadmap:

04.06.2014 - 15.06.2014

ADP Cities & Subnational Forum and Technical Expert Meeting on Urban Environment

Bonn Dialogues 2014



UN Climate Summit 2014

New York City, United States


10.10.2014 - 11.10.2014

R20 World Summit of Regions for Climate

Paris, France


12.10.2014 - 14.10.2014

Biodiversi​ty Summit 2014 at CBD COP12

For Cities & Subnational Governments Gangwon Province, Republic of Korea


22.10.2014 - 24.10.2014

Local Renewables Conference 2014

Freiburg, Germany


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