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Somayya Ali Ibrahim, Associate Director of UCCRN, and Gino Van Begin, Secretary General of ICLEI, sign the agreement at Resilient Cities 2017

ICLEI and UCCRN renew commitment to advancing science-based policy

ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability and UCCRN, the Urban Climate Change Research Network at Columbia University, have joined forces to develop and implement evidence-based strategies for sustainable, resilient and inclusive urban development in the context of a changing climate.

Scientific evidence is critical when it comes to building resilience in urban areas. It allows local decision makers to develop and evaluate climate policies that are strategic, targeted and informed by an assessment of vulnerabilities and risks.

In an effort to deepen the connection between the academic community and local decision makers, ICLEI and UCCRN, the Urban Climate Change Research Network at Columbia University, have once again joined forces. The two networks will advance policy-making and planning based on the best available scientific evidence on climate change. Together, they will develop and disseminate research that has practical application to city governments, while linking local actors with researchers to advance both climate change mitigation and adaptation. 

The two networks signed an official memorandum of understanding at the 2017 ICLEI Resilient Cities congress in Bonn, Germany this May, building on years of collaboration around urban climate issues, including the UCCRN Assessment Report on Climate Change and Cities series (ARC3), the first-ever global, interdisciplinary, cross-regional, science-based assessments to address climate risks, adaptation, mitigation and policy mechanisms relevant to cities. 


More information

Read the announcement from UCCRN on their involvement at Resilient Cities 2017 and the new agreement with ICLEI. 

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