ICLEI Executive Committee Elections 2018-2021



ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability is the world's leading local government network led by local leaders elected by its Members every 3 years. Each ICLEI region elects their own ICLEI Regional Executive Committee (RexCom), followed by the ICLEI Global Executive Committee (GexCom) election.

When are elections taking place?

ICLEI Africa RexCom Election

ICLEI East Asia RexCom Election

ICLEI Europe RexCom Election

ICLEI Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean RexCom Election

ICLEI North America RexCom Election

ICLEI Oceania RexCom Election

ICLEI South America RexCom Election

ICLEI South Asia RexCom Election

ICLEI Southeast Asia RexCom Election

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Yellow icon regions have not yet open their election. All elections will take place during 2017 at different times.


Parallel RexCom elections are rolled out in all 9 ICLEI regions. Candidates apply in their region by submitting the application within the deadline to the respective ICLEI Regional Office.

Eligible ICLEI Members vote online to elect 3 or 5 (depending on the region) RexCom members. Every full ICLEI Member has the right to vote once on respective regions candidates.

Once elected, each RexCom nominates 1 representative for the GexCom regional seat.
Additional GexCom thematic portfolio candidacies are open and voting follows.

All ICLEI Regional Executive Committees will be elected by November, 2017 but specific dates and deadlines for the candidates and voting will vary depending on the region (see calendar above).

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The 9 ICLEI Regional Executive Committees represent ICLEI Members throughout the 9 ICLEI regions respectively and the 1 ICLEI Global Executive Committee represents ICLEI Members on the global level to define ICLEI strategy and policy.

These governance bodies have a 3 year term and therefore elections take place every 3 years, involving all ICLEI Members.

All eligible candidates from ICLEI Members are invited to apply and all ICLEI full Members are encouraged to vote.


Who is eligible to vote?

All full ICLEI Members are eligible to vote. Full ICLEI Members are dues-paying members that have not been in arrears with membership dues for more than one year.

Suspended ICLEI Members - Members in arrears - can contact their ICLEI Regional Office to pay their membership fees and update their status to full ICLEI Member.


Who is eligible to apply?

Candidates are preferably elected or appointed officials from a full ICLEI Member with know-how in one of the proposed thematic portfolios (portfolios vary by region) and motivation to actively participate in shaping ICLEI strategy.

All candidates must uphold ICLEI's mission; attend Executive Committee meetings and ICLEI Council meetings (the next of which will take place at the ICLEI World Congress in Montreal, June 2018); and fulfill the roles and responsibilities of the Executive Committee.



More information will follow separately for each region.

For questions please contact iclei@iclei.org 

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