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Discussions around the Habitat III Conference and the related process towards a New Urban Agenda are quite active. The latest draft of the New Urban Agenda after the last Preparatory Committee meeting in Surabaya, Indonesia can be found here.

More information and outcomes of the process via the links below.

ICLEI Habitat III links

Update from ICLEI on third meeting of Habitat III Preparatory Committee in July 2016 and daily blog

Update from ICLEI at Local Authorities Hearings in May 2016

Update from ICLEI ahead of Habitat III Zero Draft Negotiations

Intervention on behalf of the Global Task Force at Habitat III Open-Ended Informal Consultative Meeting on 27 April 2016

Presentation at the 8th European Sustainable Cities and Towns Conference in Bilbao on 28 April 2016

Input to Habitat III Thematic Meeting on Finance in Mexico City on 3 April 2016

February update from ICLEI on the Habitat III process

Overview of our 2016 Advocacy Agenda

Update from ICLEI on second meeting of Habitat III Preparatory Committee in April 2015 

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