07.09.2017 - 08.09.2017

Local Renewables Conference 2017

Nagano, Japan

By ratifying the Paris Agreement Japan has pledged to reduce CO2 emissions drastically while building a low carbon society. Local governments play a significant role in leading the shift from a fossil fuel based society to a low carbon society that takes advantage of local and renewable energy sources.

After 2011 nuclear accidents in Fukushima, Japanese local governments recognized the limit of a centralized, fossil fuel-based energy system. To make energy system safer and more sustainable, local governments and citizens across the country are working towards GHG reduction plans based on the Act on Promotion of Global Warming Countermeasures to expand renewable energy and to build a low carbon society. Renewable energy generation can also revitalize local economies and provide tools for solving broader societal challenges, such as an ageing society.

In 2017 the Local Renewables Conference will be organized in Japan as part of the established Local Renewables Conference Series, biannually organized in Europe by ICLEI and the City of Freiburg, Germany. Recognizing the need to expand local renewable energy among Japanese cities and regions, it will address:

  • Good practices in establishing locally owned renewable energy supply systems
  • The transition towards a more renewable energy-based and low carbon society at the local level
  • The latest status of renewable energies and energy savings, measures and actions to expand them
  • Barriers and opportunities when building a low carbon society
  • Energy autonomy communities and viable energy sources in Japan

More information at: http://local-renewables-conference.org/home/

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