Maimunah Mohd Sharif, Mayor of Seberang Perai delivering a speech on behalf of the GTF.

Side event participants with Datuk HJ. Mohammad Bin Mentek, Secretary General of Malaysian Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government and Head of the Malaysian Delegation at HabitatIII PrepCom3 in Surabaya

Maimunah Sharif and Yunus Arikan with Ms. Maryse Gautier, Co-Chair of the Bureau of Habitat III Preparatory Committee

PrepCom3 inconclusive: long road ahead to Habitat III

The 3rd Preparatory Committee (PrepCom3) of the Habitat III Conference closed without an agreement on the draft text. However, the meeting enabled UN Member States to agree on the agenda and modalities of the Habitat III Conference in Quito, Ecuador.

At the PrepCom3, held in Surabaya, Indonesia, on 25-27 July, the negotiators worked hard to advance on the New Urban Agenda, based on the draft texts made available since May 2016. A new draft, called “Surabaya Text” was released by the Co-Facilitators on 28 July 2016, which will be the basis of the next round of informal consultations to be held at UN Headquarters in New York City, US in early September 2016.

The Surabaya Text includes a new paragraph 7 as part of the draft Quito Declaration. The paragraph specifically acknowledges local and regional governments and their inputs through the 2nd World Assembly of Local and Regional Governments. The Surabaya Text also contains new options regarding follow-up and review of the Habitat III conference. But it is still not clear whether Member States have reached any convergence or consensus on the other paragraphs of the Surabaya Text, which doesn't use brackets or options to outline the points of disagreement, a method used for UNFCCC negotiations such as the Paris Agreement.

The ICLEI delegation at the PrepCom3 consisted of leaders and staff from S. Korea, Malaysia, S. Africa, India, Philippines and Germany. Under the leadership of ICLEI Global Executive Committee Member Maimunah Mohd Sharif - also Municipal President of Municipal Council Of Seberang Perai, Malaysia and President of Malaysian Association of Local Authorities (MALA) - ICLEI supported the Women Mayors Forum hosted by the Mayor of Surabaya on 24 July 2016, convened a session at Urban Speakers Corner on 26 July 2016 and hosted a side event on 27 July 2016.

Mayor Sharif also delivered a position statement on behalf of the Global Task Force of Local and Regional Governments at the plenary of PrepCom3 on 26 July 2016. ICLEI actively contributed in the consultations of the Global Task Force of Local and Regional Governments, the Executive Committee of the General Assembly of Partners, the Steering Committee of the World Urban Campaign as the key stakeholder processes in the Habitat III. ICLEI also supported the Transport Day, Habitat III Commitments event and Urban Youth Forum as selected parallel event and side events of Cities Alliance and UCLG throughout the Conference.


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