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Local Government Climate Roadmap - Warsaw Dialogues


Agenda of Local Government and Municipal Authorities Constituency (LGMA) at UN Warsaw Climate Conference

Local Government Climate Roadmap – Warsaw Dialogues are a compilation of events related to local and subnational governments at UN Warsaw Climate Conference (COP19/CMP9) on 11-22 November 2013.

Prepared by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, in its capacity as focal point of Local Governments and Municipal Authorities (LGMA) Constituency to the UNFCCC, the list consist of 3 main groups of events:


Events related to the official agenda of COP19/CMP9

 Events by LGMA Members

  • ICLEI Side Events (18 November Indonesia Pavillion, 19 November EU Pavilion Implementation Day, 21 November UNFCCC Side event, 21 November US Center)
  • Climate Alliance Side Events (13 November EU Pavillion, 15 November EU Pavillion, 16 November UNFCCC Climate Change Studio, 22 November UNFCCC Side event)
  • Nrg4sd Side event (21 November UNFCCC Side Event)
  • “Warsaw Dialogue” organized by City of Warsaw and Polish Ministry of Environment (20 November)

 Events organized by others partners

  • UN Habitat (21 November UNFCCC Side Event)
  • UNFCCC Secretariat Momentum for Change (20 November)
  • World Climate Summit Sessions (17 November)
  • WBCSD Business Day Panel (18 November)
  • Sustainable Innovation Forum (20 November)
  • Low Carbon City Drives New Urban Living (20 November China Pavilion)
  • Climate Action Reserve (21 November UNFCCC Side Event)
  • Climate Dialogue Workshop (16 November)
  • Low Carbon Societies in Asia (15 November, Japan Pavilion)
  • World of Change and Urbanization (14-22 November, US Center)

COP19 Agenda and Outcomes PDF 

Warsaw Agenda: ICLEI - Local Government for Sustainability

ICLEI's participation to UN Warsaw Climate Conference is supported by the project “Promoting Low Emission Urban Development Strategies in Emerging Economy Countries-Urban LEDS”, EuropeAid/DCI-ENV/2011/269-952, supported by the European Commission.
20.10.2014 - 25.10.2014

ADP 2.6 Sessions

Bonn, Germany



World Cities Day


04.11.2014 - 07.11.2014

Social COP20 Social Movements and Ministerial Session

Margarita Island, Venezuela



UN Climate Change Conference COP20/CMP10

Lima, Peru



Launch of Global Protocol on Community-Scale GHG Emissions Inventories (GPC)

Lima, Peru (COP20/CMP10)



World Congress on Disaster Risk Reduction

Sendai, Japan