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ICLEI believes that the needs of the city – and its citizens – must be the central focus of the evolving smart cities discourse. Our vision is that all ICLEI Members shall optimize their physical, governance and social systems by applying systems thinking with people at the center and the goal to promote sustainable urban development.

A Smart City has embedded “smartness” into its operations, and is guided by the overarching goal of becoming more sustainable and resilient. It analyzes, monitors and optimizes its urban systems, be they physical (e.g. energy, water, waste, transportation, emissions) or social (e.g. social and economic inclusion, governance, citizen participation), through transparent and inclusive information feedback mechanisms. It commits to continuous learning and adaptation and, through the application of systems thinking, aspires to improve its inclusivity, cohesion, responsiveness, governance and the performance of its social, economic and physical systems.

Although the smart city discourse is informed by the opportunities and urban development solutions that arise from technological progress, particularly regarding the increased use of ICT and automation technologies, people must remain the central focus of Smart Cities. This implies that associated technologies, infrastructures, and urban systems have to be based on inclusive, participatory, and service-oriented governance and decision making. Urban systems are systems of people; decisions made in regard to the adoption of progressive technological solutions depending on the benefit for the people of the city, as well as its overall sustainability.

Please watch this space for updates which will provide more background about the programs, events, and networks where we are active within the Smart Cities Agenda. 

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